chiropractic care

Our Care Is Specific And Effective.

We strive to bring you the best integrated care possible.

We offer chiropractic care that is:

Specific – This means we correct each segment of the spine as well as joints that require adjustments.

Effective – For more than 35 years Dr. Bartlett has perfected her chiropractic skills so that you receive the best techniques possible that will work for your body along with recommendations of exercise and other health improvement programs. The combination of these programs will allow your body to return to optimum health and ensure that you receive the best care possible for your whole being.
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Chiropractic Care (New Patient)---------------$100.00

Chiropractic Care (Returning Patient)---------------$45.00

Vital Scan----------------------$25.00

Additional spinal adjustments-----------------$45.00

Optional add-on services----------------------$10.00 each*

*this includes the Vibracusor, muscle work, and/or extremity adjustment(s)


Stiffness of the neck or back

Dizziness or vertigo


Lower back pain

Upper back pain

Swelling in the legs

Restless legs

Arm and/or shoulder pain

Rib pain

Pain when sitting or bending

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Joint pain

Leg pain and/or numbness

Hip pain

Knee pain

Pain when sitting or bending