Nutrition Consult

Nutrition Response Testing

This service is a health improvement program that allows Dr. Bartlett to test the body to see what nutritional deficiencies it is experiencing and correct them. This program also helps the body to remove the overload of toxins and determine food and environmental allergies along with helping to alleviate them. With NRT, Dr. Bartlett only uses the finest whole food organic supplements which allows for the best absorption of the nutrients the body requires to repair and restore normal function to the organs and tissues.


Weight Loss Program

This program is attached to our Nutrition Response Testing program. It incorporates a nutritionally sound diet with Whole Food Supplements and a Whole Food Meal Replacement Shake along with many ways to help the body with detoxification. Self-Mastery Technology, which addresses emotional eating, can also be incorporated into our weight loss program and has been shown to have a 90% success rate. This program will change your life and your health by helping you overcome your health issues while you lose weight.

 For your FREE ASSESSMENT to determine if you are a good candidate for Nutrition Consult treatment.

Nutrition Consult (New Patient) ----------- $140.00

Nutrition Consult (Returning Patient) ------ $45.00

Supplements are separate cost