I have been actively going to Blissful Life Center on and off for the past 3 years. So far it has made 10000% difference in the way my health has gone – for the best, of course. When I started going I was a shell, had no nerve reception at all. You can ask a few people who know me I could not feel pain. After getting Nutrition Response Testing for head and body injuries, I have most respect for Dr. Betsy Bartlett. I can now feel, think, and act on a different level. I was shut off to the point of daily existence. Now, I’m as functional as every one else and then some. I thought no one could ever help me. Well I was wrong, very wrong. Blissful Life Center deserves 5 million stars.

If you have lost hope in ever getting better, it’s worth the visit. Also stick to what she says, take it to heart. It will improve your life. What ever she tells you will help you. Blissful Life Center is super friendly and offers a very supportive atmosphere.

Chris Hanekamp,

I just wanted everyone to know that today I climbed a step stool to the top step which I have not been able to do for years. The joint pain was awful. I can honesty say that since I have been with Dr. Betsy and doing everything she has taught me, I have no joint pain. It is amazing! For anyone who suffers joint pain please call and come in. I went to so many doctors before Dr. Betsy and she has found the solution to the problem.

Barbara Stoffelen,

Many people know I am an RN, but I believe in the power of chiropractic medicine. After lifting many heavy patients I of course have back issuers. Dr. Betsy keeps me healthy with proper alignment. Thank you Dr.Betsy and crew!

Liz Whitacre,

Blissful Life Center for Weight Loss and Natural Health = *Lots of gold stars*
HEALTH UPDATE: Several weeks ago I wrote that I was hopefully optimistic about a new approach to my health issues. I trust that I am not jinxing myself by sharing but many of you have asked. After being x-rayed until I glow in the dark, visits to 5 specialists, MRI’s, nerve conduction tests and no answers.

I went to Dr. Betsy Bartlett for a consult. She’s been my chiropractor for years but we had never really discussed my issues in depth. She said, “Brenda, I really think your problem is a sluggish lymph system and a lazy parathyroid. We can fix those.” I immediately thought, “Yeah, right! No way it could be that easy or that simple. After all I have had days where I’ve been ‘immobilized completely’ by pain.” Three supplements and a weekly adjustment later—I no longer need an afternoon nap. I have more energy than I have had in years. My ADD tendencies are under control, my muscles are more relaxed and I am able to sleep through the night. The pain has decreased to an occasional ache and I am coming off of a medication that I have been on for 16 years.

My ex-medical doctor does not want to give credit to this alternative approach—so—-I found a new doctor. This may not work for everyone and the regular medical community certainly has its place. However, I think the obvious is often overlooked and there’s a pill for everything. Granted I am now taking 3 pills a day but all three are natural supplements that come with no dependence and no side effects. There is something to be said for approaching health care in a natural way! If for some reason this progress does not continue I certainly will not regret the benefits I have enjoyed over the past 3 weeks. Thank-you Olivia Zeigler for reminding me of the obvious and thank-you Dr. Betsy for sharing your knowledge!

Brenda Omps,

I feel so much better today it’s amazing! I’m able to walk around, go up and down the stairs, sit in my computer chair, and I finally am not starving because I needed to replenish what I was losing. I did the Wheat Germ Oil/Castor Oil pack like you advised me to last night for three hours with a heating pad and with my pelvis elevated. The difference between today and the last three days is unbelievable. My pain level has been an almost constant 6 or 7. Today, so far, it’s a Zero.

I have been taking all of my Standard Process pills that you recommended and drinking a lot of Magnesium Plus. I’m still taking it easy, and listening to my body. Today, I’m doing my nutritional research and some light cleaning/organizing of the house. If a Castor Oil pack can make this much difference in three hours, I’ll be doing it every night!

Thank you for helping me. You may never know how much it means to me. I know exactly where I’d be without you. I’d be in the hospital. And instead of healing from this tragedy in less than 5 days, I’d probably be taking the prescribed 3 weeks that it is expected to take for someone who has had this happen to them.

Olivia Zeigler

Dr Betsy is awesome! There are no words to describe how very thankful I am to have found her. I am well on my way to a much healthier me. It has only been 6 weeks and I feel so much better, and my energy level has improved 100%. And down 10 lbs.

Tammy Blevins,

If you are looking for alternative and natural ways to heal any challenge you may be experiencing, Dr. Betsy (as we have come to know her) is The person to talk to. She certainly has a gift in the healing arts and i would recommend her to anyone I know. She has supported us in our healing journey with our family over the years and we are happy to experience the joy of living without the use of any synthetic substances whatsoever for over five years now and counting. Experience life as it can be…you will be glad you did!

Toni Welch,

I am ecstatic to find Dr. Betsy again. I went in on my lunch today to make an appointment and was in so much pain, she made time to see me right away, now feeling much better. Thank you so much.

Michelle Funk,

When I began with Blissful Life Center, I had severe issues with energy, joint pain, acid reflux and IBS. Within 4 days of starting at Blissful Life Center, my energy level increased; and, after the first week my acid reflux was GONE! I’m currently in week 6 and all my issues have been resolved; I’m sleeping better and my memory has improved (BONUS!)