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Denise Fletcher

Live Blood Cell Microscopist

Brief Info:

Hello! My name is Denise Fletcher, I have certification from Functional Nutrition Lab on Digestion. I studied a year on all body systems through Functional Nutrition Alliance and a facilitator for the C.H.I.P. program (Coronary Health Improvement Project). Also, I have a certificate of Achievement in Applied Microscope & Nutrition Technology.

My personal experience with holistic care

My Mother if she ever said anything that impacted me, it was when she would emphatically tell me, “If you have your health, you have everything”. And she was correct. I was to find out that I really did not know exactly how to go about staying in or getting good health. Life has a way though of teaching us things. It started with headaches, then medicines, with more serious issues developing from following the course of hiding the symptoms and never getting to the cause. I needed answers soon because quite frankly my doctor told me that if I continued at the pace, I was at that I would soon be bed ridden or worse. So began my search as to WHY I was sick and HOW to get well listening to my body, that led me to getting well and obtaining my health back.


With just a drop of blood placed under a high-powered microscope, one can see the life and health energies before and after wellness. The benefits of seeing the terrain of the blood can show many things:

(1) Insufficient hydration, which affects nutrient absorption and toxin release.
(2) Poor digestion of protein and fats.
(3) Build-up of processed food by-products and toxins that affect our health.
(4) Elevated platelets and white blood cells.
(5) Lymphatic stress, to name a few…

Live Blood Microscopy is a tool to educate empower and enlighten, so healthier choices can be made in how we eat, sleep, exercise, all around live and be in health!