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Dr. Betsy Bartlett

Chiropractor and Nutritionist

Brief Info:

I pursued my dream of being a Chiropractor at Quinnipiac University in Hamden Connecticut for my undergraduate classes then went to Palmer College Of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. When I graduated in 1980, I took my licensing exam to practice in Washington, D.C.

Why I Choose To Be A Chiropractor

I always wanted to be a Chiropractor. My Father was one, so I grew up under Chiropractic care all my life. I started in my father’s office and then opened my own practice. I was in Washington D.C. for 12 years then I moved to Romney West Virginia and opened a practice there along with a Health food Store.

Over the years of practicing, I found that peoples’ health was deteriorating and Chiropractic Care was not as quick and effective as it was when I started in 1980. So I started looking for a way that I could help my patients more. That’s when I discovered Nutrition Response Testing and decided to take the training to become Certified. After a year of training, I started helping patients with Nutrition Response Testing. I have been practicing this for about 13 years with amazing results helping people to correct their Nutritional deficiencies and detoxify and eat right so they can return to vibrant health and learn how to take care of their body.

My Health Philosophy For My Family

I have raised 4 children with Natural Health they are all healthy and I am their primary care practitioner. They were raised with no pharmaceutical drugs, no antibiotics, and no vaccinations and never saw an MD! They just received Chiropractic care, Nutritional supplements, a good diet and lots of love.

Helping people get well and maintain their health this way is my passion. The body can heal itself when it is given the proper Nutritional support to correct imbalances and detoxify. The body is an amazing creation.

My Vision

My vision is to help as many people as possible take back their power and learn how to get their health back and keep it so we can change our broken health care system.