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My name is Meredith Smith. I am 26 years old, and one of Dr. Bartlett’s Daughters. I am currently Dr.Bartlett’s Nutritional Assistant here at Blissful Life Center, while currently taking courses online to become a certified Holistic Nutritionist!

my personal experience with holistic care

I was raised with natural health care. It played a key role in saving my life as a child. I grew up with a weaker immune system compared to my other siblings. I also suffered from Leaky Gut syndrome, ADHD and Anxiety. When Dr.Bartlett found Nutrition Response Testing with Standard Process, my health started to improve! Without NRT, I’m not sure what state I’d be in now as an adult, but I know it wouldn’t be good.

Natural health care in my opinion should be your first choice to seek out for all your health ailments. I know this from personal experience and also with all the time spent with Dr. Bartlett’s as an assistant. Now I’ve seen how much holistic nutrition is the simplest and best way out there to heal your body and mind. I truly believe that a holistic approach to healthcare is the only way to help prevent and cure disease. To keep an optimal health and to just have an overall vibrant energized sense of well-being like we are all entitled to have!

Holistic care is not a band-aid effect. It doesn’t just “cover up” the root cause of the problem. Western medicine only treats symptoms and diseases using man made synthetic drugs, radiation or surgery. You can heal yourself without going to these horrible extremes that don’t even heal the root cause anyways, so it’ll eventually come back and your back to ground zero. Through proper nutrition and supplementation, we can help you cure your bad symptoms and ailments and lead you to a holistic and vibrant health.