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Colonic Hydrotherapist

Meet The Woman Behind God’s Vision

Health Minister, Health Ambassador HIPAA Certifiend Healthcare Education Advocate, Motivated Speaker, Certified Nutritionist, Consultant that Specializes in Detoxification. Gut Health Specialist, Certifified Colon Hydro-Theraphist/Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Diploma In Acupressure for Detoxification & Weight Loss, Entrepreneur & Author.

For more than 15 plus years, Romunda has successfully assisted hundreds of clients worldwide to enhance their quality of life. Her success has made her a highly sought as a Global Holistic Health Alliance, LLC, Resource & Referral Agent, Faith Community, Reflexologist, Reike, Author, her unique ability to motivate clients to pursure and achieve healthier lifestyle has led to multiple guest appearances on radios, local and national television shows such as Dr. Oz, New Channel 8, Internet shows, Radio Personality on Woll450 Radio One, serving Professional Athletes, ordinary people alike and, Romunda Ings is the business owner of Global Holistic Health Alliance, LLC (International Life Detox) of 20695. Romunda was assigned to be a part f the Health Initiative Program from the Prince Georges County Health Pilot Program in 2015.

Romunda has received certifications from the following schools:

  • Westley Theological Seminary of Washington DC
  • International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT)
  • San Antonio Texas School of Healing
  • Potomac Massage/Reflexologist Training Institute
  • Traditional Usui Reike Master Wellness with Zuri Nia (A Center For Soul Expression)
  • Udemy Online Certification Courses
  • Coursera Online Certification Course
  • Washington Institute of Natural Medicine

Romunda approached her work with a nurturing spirit and dedicated enthusiasm. She believes that health and wellness starts by maintaining the body’s balance through proper education and its functionality. One of her favorite quotes is “I am the Lord Who Heals You” Exo. 15:26. “As a worker in the vineyards, you have to understand your Spiritual walk”. She also believes that the frequently quoted phrase, “” Free your mind and the rest will follow” is a true statement for detoxifying the mind, body and spirit. First, you must Love You With Life. She is a Woman of God, a proud single parent of Aerial N. Ings, Grandmother of Denzel Ings.