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Do you think you are well? What do you think wellness is? Do you think it’s the absence of symptoms even if they are disguised by medication? Well, I see and treat people all day and somehow people think they are in good health if they have an absence of symptoms or even some of them think some symptoms are normal such as headaches, joint aches, backaches, stiffness, constipation and many more too numerous to mention.

No symptom is normal

Well, I am here to tell you that no symptom is normal. It is a warning. If you listen to your body it will tell you when something is wrong. It might be a fleeting pain or headache or Acid Reflux or something worse like the Flu or a Cold or Bronchitis or heaven forbid, even worse, maybe Pneumonia, a heart attack, or Cancer.

Listen to your body

Well, you can avoid these conditions by listening to the little messages your body is constantly giving you. However, I have found after many years of practice that people are taught to ignore these messages from their body or they are told they are a hypochondriac because the doctor can’t find anything wrong with them yet. Yet – is the key word here, if you wait until the doctor finds something wrong with you to do anything about your health, you may have a long road to get back to Vibrant Health!

Health Care System

The Medical Professions’ tests are designed to pick up the really bad stuff, life-threatening stuff! Why have people been so brainwashed to think that it is what they have to do and this is the only way? Sad to say, our health system is in a very bad state and deteriorating as we speak.

I have watched over the years, 38 to be exact and I am very concerned to see our American people getting sicker and sicker as the years go by. What’s worst is they are just accepting it as the way it is. Wake up! It is not the way it is. You have allowed it by not taking responsibility for your body and your health. You have given your power away to people whose business is disease care, not wellness. They are interested in treating diseases, not helping you get and remain well because that would put them out of business. They have an interest in you getting sicker and sicker!

Get away from the norm

Let me say here, our new OBAMA CARE is now going to allow you to have less disease care at more expense to you and shove it down your throat whether you want it or not. Personally, I don’t want anything they have to offer but that’s me. I am definitely not the norm. I have always taken care of my own health and don’t participate in the Medical way.

But most people are not where I am and I understand that. But if you want to live long and be healthy, I highly recommend you find someone like me. Because you will not find help like this in the Medical Model. If you start now and take charge of your health, you may be able to survive this new Health (Disease) Care System. Wellness should be a priority!