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Did you know that there are 2 types of Chiropractors? One of which is a general manipulator of the spine. Another is one who specifically corrects each segment of the spine as needed. Each is intended depending on the individual chiropractic care need.

My Chiropractic Experience

Let me elaborate on this for you with my expertise. I have been a chiropractor for over 33 years. All of which I have specifically corrected the segments of the spine that were out of alignment. I have always had great results with my patients because of doing this kind of care.

Over the years, I have had many people come see me who had been to other Chiropractors. And none of them had the same results they have experienced with me. This is because when you don’t correct the segments of the spine individually as needed, you are just generally mobilizing the spine and the vertebrae. That when in distress, may get corrected or they may not.

I always evaluate each segment or vertebra to see if it needs correction. One thing I have found is that this way of doing chiropractic is more comfortable and more healing.

I grew up under Chiropractic Care and was always corrected specifically and over my years of practice, I have seen many miraculous recoveries using this method of care. I cannot comment on the other kind of care other than to say I personally, after being treated with specific correction, would not want any other kind of care.

My Chiropractic Care is specific, effective, and relaxing. You are treated according to your individual needs to restore function and health as quickly as your body is able. Also, I have many other modalities that can be included to enhance your healing and get you back to full Vibrant Health as fast as possible!