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I have been researching how to eliminate cavities, restore your teeth and repair receding gums. I have found some very interesting material on this that I would like to impart to you, my readers, in hopes that it will open your mind and empower you to take more control of your health. First of all, let’s talk about oil pulling – this is a technique I found that will help repair your gums and teeth while eliminating toxins from your body. Here is how it works and what I would recommend you to do:

1. Use either organic unrefined coconut oil or organic unrefined sesame oil.
2. Use 1 tablespoon of the oil, two times a day.
3. Swish this in your mouth for 20 minutes, make sure you brush your teeth first.
4. Spit it out when you are through. Don’t swallow it!

According to my findings, this protocol helps to whiten and repair teeth and improve receding gums. I myself am practicing this protocol, so I will let you know what and how it does for me.

Now let’s talk about your cavities, tooth enamel, and general tooth health. From what I have found out tooth decay comes from a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins; namely A, D, E, and K. So, to replace these missing nutrients you have to eat foods that are rich in these vitamins. Also, you can use supplements but they have to be whole food organic supplements such as Standard Process. Keep in mind, supplements should be something you can use until you can improve your diet enough to eliminate the need for them. Sometimes this is not possible and you may need some supplements ongoing.

But the foods recommended by Weston Price Foundation (you can research what they suggest on their website) are bone broth and organ meats, such as heart and liver along with organic butter and raw milk. Now I am sure there are also vegetarian alternatives – I would recommend any dark greens like Kale and Swiss Chard along with Spinach and maybe some Dandelion greens. You can use really good organic fats like coconut oil, sesame oil or hemp oil. And another thing I would suggest is taking food grade diatomaceous earth, a couple of tablespoons a day (this is amazing stuff! I will write a blog on this soon).

If you would like my personal help you can always make an appointment for Nutrition Response Testing.

Note: Always use a toothpaste with no fluoride and no chemicals. Be as natural as you can. I suggest making your own with a little coconut oil and maybe some diatomaceous earth, or some baking soda or food grade hydrogen peroxide.