The Hidden Dangers Of Coffee

Boy I’ll tell you, this subject sure brings up a lot of distress for patients in my practice!

So, lets get started. First of all, I have seen so many conditions caused by drinking coffee, I know this because; when I muscle test the person, their muscle test goes weak when testing to see if coffee is distressing their body . When it is, it’s amazing the things I find! One example is a patient who was having great pain in their legs. Well, coffee showed up as the problem and when they stopped drinking coffee, it went away. Another one was arm pain showed up to be caused by coffee and when they stopped coffee the arm pain went away. One more example my father was drinking a lot of coffee years ago and his hand and feet would blister and ooze and when he stopped drinking coffee they totally healed up.

Now you may think how could coffee do all these things to you? Well let me tell you how, and by the way if you really want  more info on this subject read the book POISON WITH A CAPITAL C By Agatha and Calvin Thrash M.D,

The main reason coffee is so bad for you is the chemical Methylxanthine and another in coffee are purines these chemicals are believed to convert to uric acid in the body which causes Gout. Very often coffee drinkers have high uric acid but is is not seen in a blood test somehow the coffee drinkers blood test don’t give an accurate reading of this according to the book mentioned above. Other affects from the caffeine are imperfect balance, racing of the heart, high pitched or abnormal pitch of the voice, insomnia, racing but disconnected thoughts, poor memory, fatigue and finger tremor and sometimes unexplained dread or anxiety. Some of these symptoms may linger. So if you are a coffee drinker you may want to consider these things before you drink another cup.