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Over the years in my practice I have found that all supplements are different, their potency is different, the way they are made is different, the amounts of nutrients are different, and the substances they use to make the supplements are different. So, I did my own research into that and found some interesting information.

Do some supplementation

First of all, I want to say we all need to do some supplementation because the food we eat is very deficient in nutrients. It’s not possible to eat all the nutrients you need on a daily basis and that if your body has deficiencies you will start to have organs and systems in your body malfunctioning. When this occurs, most people run to the M.D. to see what’s wrong with them and receive a prescription drug to treat the symptom. Then this allows the deficiency to worsen because you are covering up what your body is trying to tell you.

Go to a Natural Doctor

Therefore, it would be more beneficial to go to a natural doctor like a Clinical Nutritionist or a Naturopath or a Chiropractor. Look for ones that do a Nutritional program as I do. My program is called Nutrition Response Testing which allows me to test your body and find out what organs and tissues are in distress. And then help them restore themselves with WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION mainly, STANDARD PROCESS.

I know I got off the track there but it was important to tell you that. Hence, do not use vitamins and supplements unless they are whole food supplements. Consider only those that come from a reputable company like Standard Process. The others are likely to harm you and toxify your body, rather than help you get better. Also, please do not use any synthetic vitamins as they will definitely harm you over time.

Moreover, don’t use vitamins that are extracted and singled out because they will cause you the worse deficiencies. All vitamins need other vitamins for your body to use them properly. Especially on your body’s processes.