Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink

Lately I have become very aware of how hard it is to get good drinking water. I have recently moved and am now on City water instead of a well. It has been very scary for me because I know how important water is. I have had to put in a shower filter and a filtering system for my drinking water to remove chlorine and fluoride among other things, I am not aware of in the water, such as medicines and other chemicals like pesticides and solvents and who knows what else. I was listening to a program on our water supply and it really concerned me. It was about how this man was trying to get the purest water he could for his family and the things he found out about the water we drink and bath in. If you would like to listen about it it is called H3 O2 and is on You Tube under Project Camelot I highly recommend it. Anyway since then I have been very concerned about the water supply we all use wherever you live. I highly recommend you use a shower filter and try to not use the water on your skin anymore than you have to because you will absorb all those chemicals through your skin too. Please be more aware of the water you are drinking and bathing in for it can adversely affect your health . I recommend either to distill your water and put in the sun to charge it after , make sure you put it in glass bottles and add some minerals I like fulvic minerals, or you can use reverse osmosis water and also add fulvic minerals to it.

I want everyone to be safe and healthy and water is the universal solvent that when pure will go through your body and totally clean and detoxify your organs and tissues. You must drink enough of it, you should drink half you body weight in ounces a day. When you don’t drink pure water you are shortening your life and damaging your health. Other drinks will not cleanse your body because water when it is pure has a unstable bond which allows it to go through your body and pick up garbage along the way and dispose of it as comes out in our elimination systems.

So please be more diligent in getting and drinking pure water, by the way you never know about bottled water there really isn’t any regulations in place to make sure it is pure.